Driver Education for the St. Croix Valley

St. Croix Valley Driver Education

Are you looking for a reliable driving school with the best driver education and training? If so, look no further than St. Croix Valley Driving School!  Our mission is witnessing our students reach their highest potential and become safe and knowledgeable drivers.

Classes & Registration

In-Person Classes

Please contact us for registration and for our upcoming in-person class date schedule 

Online Driver’s Education Class

Self-paced 30 hour course. You have 90 days to complete this course and are allowed 2 hours of class time a day.
Following classroom is 6 behind-the-wheel drives and 6 observations.

Payment Plan

Online Course and Behind the Wheel Payment Plan Option $130

Pay in Full

Online Course and Behind the Wheel Paid in Full $420

Failure to Yield Course

The Wisconsin Failure-to-Yield / Right-of-Way Course is a 2-hour course approved by The Wisconsin DOT. The course covers traffic laws and techniques for driving safely on Wisconsin roads.