Class A CDL Training

Class A Truck Driving School Options:

  1. Class A 160-Hour Course Including ELDT Online: All of our automatic and manual transmission trucks are equipped with air brakes.
  2. Refresher Course for Class A CDL: Training with the option of automatic or manual transmission is available for previous CDL or Chauffeur License holders.

We offer much more than simply teaching you how to handle your truck for your future employer: You will learn about pre-trip inspections, backing, and on-the-road driving, along with the rules of the road. Let us be your guide to your new future!

Class B CDL Training

Class B Truck Driving School Option:

Class B 160-Hour Course with ELDT: Truck has Air Brakes and Automatic Transmission.

Whether you prefer to drive a bus, work in construction, become a sanitation engineer, or handle local deliveries, choosing our Class B CDL program will be the best decision you can make. Many people love that a Class B career option allows for regular, if not nightly, home time!

Any vehicle weighing over 26,001 pounds requires at least a CDL license to drive. With a Class B certification, your career options are vast. School bus training is just one popular choice. Additionally, many corporate and public organizations require drivers like you to handle deliveries, waste removal, and public transportation.

St. Croix Valley Driving School